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  • *Limited*
  • Unisex Jhorts 
  • Runs True to Size
  • Each Pair of Jhorts Look Slightly Unique
  • Examples of Pairs are displayed when scrolling
  • Each Pair is Sourced from Vintage Levis & Wrangler Denim (Each Pair will be Medium Wash or Slight Wash Jeans)(Distressed at the Ends)
  • Some Pairs will Include Repair Work
  • Pairs Fit Slightly Above the Knee
  • Cut & Sewn Star Patchwork 
  • 100% Brazilian Cotton Twill 
  • 100% Heavy Weight Duck Canvas 
  • Once each Pair is Sold Out a Few will be Sourced and Made to Order
  • EMAIL/DM For Additional Questions
  • Shipping takes 1-2 Weeks

Extra Information

WHY DOES MY BRAND EXIST? The meaning of Never Ending is left to the individual, if you ask me what is the purpose of the brand I would say to create collections that illustrate what goes on in the world. A lot of what Never Ending creates is always different because we never want to stick to one idea we want to create everything we like that challenge of creating something we aren’t comfortable with. Everything is Never Ending that’s why I find a way to put the name everywhere we can or use elements to create this feeling that there is no end. The whole brand showcases a learning process of me creating pieces that might look sketchy or like a rough draft then we start elevating more and more every drop after learning and bettering our skills.