fortune favors the fearless

meet Robinson brown

22 year old Creative Director

A vision is a calling from one’s soul. Following that inner intuition creates visionaries. 

That’s us. 

My debut pair of glasses stems from a few things. Wanting to be the flyest in the room, listening to my team’s advice, and my obsession with shape. 

Stepping into a business meeting in Midtown Manhattan, baggy Italian threads flowing off me, I glance over at my brother to see the biblical way these sunglasses appear in the light. Unable to see his eyes - a blanket of confident black snow replaces them. Pupils fade and in return confidence appears. The abyss of life.

Elevator dings*

Car door slams. Right into class. You know about like 10 minutes late, the usual. Visions on my face. Not just me, but the whole team. Passing exams and finessing Fafsa and I haven’t taken my damn sunglasses off once.

A box-shaped lens built with a sleek bridge for comfortability. Complemented by the matte black temple with just enough weight to stay on while dancing, or while we order this next round. 

And when nightfall sets in - visions are stronger. The pure white accents on both sides will begin to stand out, people will grow curious and ask what they mean. “LTBL” - Let There Be Light: celebrating my earliest vision. And “RB” - the initials of Robinson Brown. 1st of his name 2nd to none.

                                                                      R o b i n s o n B r o w n

                                                                               Aka VisionsbyRob