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FITS is a social commerce platform for creators*. Our purpose is to give you the freedom to Create Your World. 

*if you have a passion, be a creator.

In a time of blind consumerism, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of fashion. Designers often choose another path because of fashion's exclusivity. That’s why we built a world that connects and inspires creativity through the lens of fashion. Our create platform connects fashion designers with the resources and creatives that they need to turn their brilliant ideas into successful fashion collections. Our runway then showcases designers to buyers looking for something different in today’s fashion market— garments with a story by real people. 


The Runway, "the soundcloud for fashion", showcases emerging fashion designers and brands. Designers can set up a shop and showcase their collections to the world. Use the runway to discover emerging designers and garments that FITS. 



Create is a freelance service marketplace for fashion creatives. Create connects fashion designers to creatives for freelance projects to progress their collections. As a freelance platform, creatives can create an account, post projects, connect with designers, create, and earn income. Use create as an opportunity to create your world.  





Join The Revolution.

Take the first step of joining the revolution by wearing the revolution. We say no more to purchasing clothes simply because you could not find anything else. The Fits marketplace is catered just for you. Here, you will find far more than the mainstream clothing brands offered in today’s market. You will discover and rep emerging designers who create purposeful garments that fits their self-expression. Fits aims to shatter the half-hearted process of purchasing clothes. Who you see on the inside, can finally be expressed on the outside too. Let Fits be your mirror.



I am so proud of you.

Your courage and strength to keep pushing through each obstacle on this journey is truly special. Remember when you didn’t have a factory? I do. Remember your first sketch? Your first designs? The energy it took to turn them to life? I do. The raw passion and self belief that has driven you to this point is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. This energy you have harnessed has a home at FITS. 

We have created a world where you can simply be you. We support you in making what you love, doing what you dream, and selling what you envision. From pattern makers to production facilities, our production platform provides you the resources you need to create what you dream. Utilize FITS creatives to connect with like-minded individuals and form your own team to help carry out your creative direction. FITS is a marketplace designed to showcase you and your creations to the world. Allow your collection to be reached and be discovered by a broader audience. Let’s fuse our museum with your design talent and make your life's work reach a level you never even dreamed.  




First things first, I want to say congratulations. I am so proud of how far you’ve come in a world stacked against us - the artists. Creativity can and should be individual but in no way should it be elitist - we put an end to that idea the moment FITS was born. I spent wasted years navigating  these corporate, exclusive spaces and when I finally put out my first collection, there was no creative community in sight. So long story short, I built it. 

A cult of creatives excelling in their niche pertaining to every art medium known to our world - our strength in numbers model harnesses talent that has been kept secret for too long. 

Let me give you an example. My most recent collection was designed by myself and executed by my seamstress and tailor. I had product writing that was overseen by a team of editors and writers. My videos and photographs were shot by the most skilled young creatives that the world has to offer. Physical and digital paintings, poems, graphics, and drawings exceed my vision and brought it to reality

See, at Fits, we provide you, the creative, the chance to pick and choose your work - when and however you want to create. It’s time for us, the creatives, to take control and live our creativity

I don’t wanna say too much more, you need us, we need you.