By: Mahari Miller


This cannot be replicated.


MEET Mahari

I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. One of nine siblings, who inspire my creativity and motivate me daily. I attend school and play football at Columbia University. Drawing is a passion I've had for as long as I can remember. This, along with my love for streetwear, gave birth to this brand and opportunity that I am excited to pursue.

ABOUT the only

The Only started as just one of the visions that are consistently floating around in my head. The life I live and the art I create collided and brought forth The Only. My brand is a great example of bringing an unseen vision to life. Noticing the repercussions one faces when putting on a veil it is important to promote originality in order to take risks and be your truest self.

Welcome to the only

Wrote this 100 times by now. Every time I restart, I feel like I have so say something extraordinary. A sketch in class turned into material. A thousand hours. I can’t even explain this feeling. I’m blessed. Welcome to The Only.