By: asiko gomez



Interview with Asiko on Episode 8 of Game of Power


Many things appear of value. The value of silver or any precious metal is based on an agreement. This agreement is reached through the materials collective social perception of worth. Our interpretation, our perception of the world is in fact the world in our eyes. However, as this evaluation is based upon sensory input, it can at times be inaccurate or in some cases even be manipulated. Deception of this sort often arises when an inauthentic article mimics certain qualities of the authentic item. If you want lead to be treated like gold make it look like gold. This external alteration will serve to fool most. Some will possess the means of differentiation, others will not. Furthermore, the implicit biases and preconceived notions we acquire lead to faulty analysis and inaccurate classification. And it is this principle of deception, differentiation, and perception that Silver Dirt conveys.