By: Dae





Hi my name is Dae. I am 20 years old, and reside in Long Beach Ca. I love to design new clothing ideas, and also sell my merch to people across the states. One day I hope to make an impact in the world and give back to my community.


My Brand MMY, stands for Money Makin Youngins. If you would say it backwards, it is Youngins Makin Money. I created this brand to inspire others, and to show people all around the world who struggle everyday financially that there is hope to be great one day. That is one big reason on creating this brand, is to show that if you put your determination and will into something, it will pay off! Another reason why I created this brand was also to wear something with meaning and purpose in a stylish way! The last reason why I created this brand was to give back to my community. What makes MMY different is that we are all big on giving back to our customers and community. Another reason why we our different is because we always find new ways to drop merch that has meaning to it! The clothes you guys could expect from us is a wide variety like sweaters, sweats, jeans, shorts, hats & etc. We always appreciate your guys support!