By: Smoov





CEO Smoov (KeShaun) is an independent brand owner from Greensboro, North Carolina. In the realm of fashion and retail he stands on the principles of quality service, quality products and uniqueness. Smoov started CYOR Clothing in 2020 with a vision to have his streetwear brand spark a fire in the current fashion industry. The vision was to defy the odds and dare to be different in the current streetwear community. In the year 2022 the amount of creatives has increased tremendously as people are now seeing that empowering themselves is a path that intrigues them to live a lifestyle with freedom. So by default various industries have grown. So from the perspective and mind of Smoov there’s really no other way to excel at anything other than being different and distinguishable. That is a little piece of the psychology that makes the infrastructure and foundation of CYOR Clothing what it is today. The story of CEO Smoov and CYOR is one that’s packed with so much more than clothing. This journey is if nothing else a motivational testament to never taking no for an answer. The true underdog story. To the naked eye most success stories are looked upon as a overnight sensation; however it is to the contrary. KeShaun had been through a tidal wave of life obstacles prior to becoming CEO Smoov. Yet regardless of the obstacles he never failed to lose sight of his ability to create his own reality. CYOR Clothing is one entity but “Create Your Own Reality” is something KeShaun has lived by his entire life every single day. So it was only fitting to address the message as Create Your Own Reality Clothing. That’s just how it starts. If you know anything about KeShaun Rhodie you know that nothing is too far off from him and there are no boundaries.


CYOR Clothing is a brand for the people. I started my brand with intentions of making it for myself, but over the past two years or so I've realized and acknowledged that I have created something much bigger than myself. CYOR was started as a way for our CEO to express his sense of fashion through stylish and quality clothing. A designer from Fits recently stated that when he went through CYOR's catalog and that each piece looked like it had its own unique story. That is something that our owner takes pride in when creating and producing products for the brand. You can always count on CYOR Clothing to provide a unique selection of clothing that inspires and feels good bottom line.

Our catalog over the past couple years have included the infamous “Volt” Reflective shorts, tracksuits, tees, sweatpants, hoodies, socks, slides, ski masks, graduation caps, baby/child clothing etc. We also have a CYOR WMNS Collection that has taken the local women’s fashion world by storm as well. It’s safe to say that we aim to and deliver the unexpected from a (for now) small-business. Then again, what defines “small”? To our CEO that just defines the amount of employees someone has. Nowhere does it say that you have to have a small outreach to be considered small. It’s that way of thinking you too should have when you are out here on this journey called life creating your own reality. We each have the ability to create our own reality; that’s what make this brand we present to you for you. We thank FITS for the opportunity to collaborate on a major scale. We also would love to shoutout the CYOR community for supporting us and getting us to a point of recognition. It goes without saying that without each and every single one of you we would simply not stand where we do today. Forever Grateful. To newcomers by way of partnerships or otherwise, welcome to the CYOR journey. We hope you enjoy.

“CYOR Week” ‘22 Vlog ⚡️