In 2017, my friends and I had an idea. We wanted to create a clothing brand that would make a societal impact, but we were yet to find our purpose. Then came along the two words that changed the course of my life.

Power struggle.

It encapsulates the idea that we live in a world where talent and hard work alone cannot guarantee success. The idea that those who truly deserve are stifled by the uncontrollable and unfortunate realities of our society. We believe everyone has their own Power Struggle. Be it race, income, gender, sexual orientation or anything this world holds prejudice against. From this, we created Power Struggle t-shirts to empower people to overcome their own Power Struggle, whatever it may be.

4 year later, I found myself raising my first round of funding for FITS, a process that carried an abundance of stress. I was forced to reflect as to why I lived, aspired and so desperately needed to be an entrepreneur. I realised that I want to build future businesses for the same reason I started my first business. I believe in the bright minds and talented people that have been constrained by the cards they were dealt. Through education and new businesses, we can empower a world in which people can truly create economic opportunities for themselves. That's why it is my mission to change the face of entrepreneurship by educating, inspiring, and building platforms for entrepreneurs to prosper.

The Power Struggle Movement started as a clothing brand to empower individuals to overcome their Power Struggle. Now, we are a non-profit organization with the mission to educate, inspire, partner with, and invest in people and businesses who have been constrained by “Power Struggle.”

July 05, 2022 — Maxwell Murray