Runway FAQ


What is the Runway?

The runway is a marketplace for emerging fashion designers. It connects emerging fashion designers to buyers. Any designer can set up a shop on the runway and sell their collections to the world. 


How do you sell on FITS?

1. Create an account in the seller portal

2. Input your payments info into 'Stripe Connect Configuration'

3. Go to products listing and create a listing 


How to create a listing?

1. Go to products -> products listing, click add product

2. Add product images, name, and type

3. Write a product description

4. Add price and quantity along with any variants 



Designers are responsible for their own shipping. 

1. View orders in orders -> orders listing 

2. Click ... and click view

3. Fulfil Order and upload the tracking number to the seller portal


Payment Process

1. Buyer pays for a listing 

2. FITS receives commission (5% + stripe fees

3. Rest of payment is released to designer through Stripe (payouts should only take a few business days)


FITS Commission

FITS RUNWAY sales commission of (5% + stripe fees 

January 10, 2022 — Maxwell Murray