Location: In Some Purple World...

Shivani and Onsa could feel the purple smoke in their lungs slowly dissolve until they opened their eyes to-

“Where the actual fuck are we,” Shivani whispered, taking deep breaths between her words to suppress the oncoming anxiety attack. Her twin brother, Onsa, could tell she was going into panic mode. He wanted to help, but the issue was, he was just as confused as her. He squinted up into the purple sky to which he opened his eyes. Flocks of huge peacock-like animals, that shouldn’t be able to fly, were dancing synchronously in the violet clouds. As he began to stand up he noticed the ground was also purple… Confused, he whipped his head up to take in the world around him. Magenta mushrooms were sprouting out of the perri-winkle trees which yearned to reach the huge ass birds above. There were mountains the color of the deep dark sea before a storm. There were spheres of what looked like fog made of bellflowers. Streams of water glistened like an amethyst and rose vertically from the ground in a never ending tower to the sky that Onsa and his sister fell from. 

“Onsa, I’m going to shit myself, why is water floating, why is gravity not working here..” her voice trailed off. Gravity? He thought. The words they used to know from their past drifted away, and were replaced by the knowledge of the different names of purples that surrounded them. As Onsa turned his head, he could name all the types of colors he saw, something he had never been able to do. He looked down to discover his own body was now also a deep indigo purple, while his sister sported a mauve color. 

After inspecting the sky and the scene within his direct vision, he looked back to see the remains of what looked like a spaceship. He peered over at Shivani, who was staring bug-eyed at the ship. 

“Uhhhhh… I don’t remember this? I don’t remember any of this…” Shivani pondered out loud. Onsa felt the same sense of loss. He racked his head trying to remember anything- where he was from, how they got there, and most importantly why he could recall all types of purple. The only thing he knew for certain was that Shivani was his sister. 

“I don’t know Shivani,” Onsa sighed. She spun around, her face curled up in an expression of disbelief. 

“Wait no, that’s my job. I’m the one who forgets things. You're the one who knows everything,” she said. And she was right. Onsa usually did know everything, but now there were no definite words left in his brain.

“Let’s look around,” he declared as he stepped confidently out of the remains of the ship and into the unknown. Shivani followed hesitantly, and pressed her bare toes into the alien grass beneath her. Her fear melted into the homely feeling of hot chocolate on a winter day. She was comforted by the grass and started running carelessly through the fields of lavender grass. As she frolicked in her new world, Onsa tried to stay focused. As her older brother, it was his job to figure out what the fuck was going on. But for some reason, he also felt safe. A fuschia fog settled over the grassland they were trekking, and began to streamline into a path, as if it wanted Onsa and Shivani to follow. As they ventured further from their ship, the bright sky started to turn into a menacing shade of purple with a red-ish hue. The luminescence that once coated them, turned into a feeling of suffocation.

“Stay close to me,” Onsa muttered to Shivani as they both started to feel the hairs on the back of their arms stick up and their bones tremble with the fear of the unknown. Shivani trailed behind him closely, thinking of anything that would make her feel comfort, but the only thing she could remember was the comfort she felt the moment her feet touched this universe.

They ended up in a valley. It had only been around 30 minutes since the ominous feeling had settled within them, but it felt like a whole day had gone by. 

“Let’s stop here,” Shivani said breathlessly. They weren’t walking fast, but her fear had overtaken her body as it shook violently every step she took. Onsa looked down at his sister, his heart hurt knowing she hurt. Even though he was being affected the same, he felt the need to keep it together for his sister.

“Of course,” he replied. They started to set up camp when the sound of flapping peacock wings started to project from the sky. The flapping sound kept getting louder and faster until it was more of a buzz than anything else. 

“Heruta kaway,” a mechanical voice bellowed from the trees, making Onsa jump to his feet. He peered over the purple cotton candy tree tops to see a luminous lilac orb slowly rise into view. The words, “heruta kaway',' were written in bright lights on the orbs' surface. It looked like a tiny death star. Deathstar? But Onsa had no time to wonder about the word’. He threw Shivani behind him and grabbed the largest, pointiest branch within a 10-feet radius. The orb pierced their ear drums as it began to descend to the floor beneath them. Onsa thought of telling Shivani to run if they looked sus, but he knew she wouldn’t be able to hear him regardless. Then, silence. As soon as its surface touched the ground, the flapping noise stopped, and there was not even the flutter of a single butterfly in that moment. At that moment, the whole world was silent. Until, the orb unfolded like a lily, revealing an indigo man with a crystalized crown resting in his curly locks. 

“Heruta Kaway,” the man said in a deep, resonant voice. Onsa stepped forward. 

“I don’t know what you mean. I’m sorry. We’re just trying to find out wha-”

Onsa was cut off by a beep like the one on a heart monitor when someone dies. 

“I’m sorry young travellers. We were expecting some Orion guests. But, this is a magnificent surprise as well. Tell me, how did you come about to Persipita?” Onsa looked back to check on Shivani. She was no longer shaking, and the feeling of hopelessness had left both their bodies. 

“What’s Perpeta?” Onsa questioned ignorantly. The man laughed.

Persipita is the world you two have stumbled upon here,” 

“We don’t even know how we got here. We just were trying to find someone, and, well, here you are. But how did we get here? And why did I feel so creeped out when it got dark outside? And also what is that thing you pulled up in?” Shivani’s brain exploded with questions. Onsa could tell she was comfortable with the man, which made him a little less tense. Her outburst was only a matter of time.
“Well I’m not sure,” he answered patiently, “We simply got a message that we had new travelers. Also, the darkness is a time when we stay inside, in order to let the mad genius flow out of this world into the next,” he said as if it made perfect sense. 

“Uhm, what’s Orion?” Onsa recalled from their previous conversation. 

“Ahh, just the some guests that venture here every now and then for some guidance,” the man yawned, “Now, it’s time we made our way to the ceremony,”

But, before Onsa could attest, the man flicked a dark purple dust, then everything was black.

Once again, Onsa opened his eyes to a scene he had never encountered before. Not that he could remember what he had encountered before, all he knew was this wasn’t something he never experienced. Shivani and him were tied up to a pole that stuck up from the mirror-like floor. Beneath them, they could see a pristim, clean city. Like the videos of Tokyo. Tokyo? For the millionth time, Onsa lost the meaning to the word he had just recalled. 

The orb landed inside a building that was made out of a sponge-like material. When it landed, it bounced up and down as if on a trampoline before settling in equilibrium. The doors opened to two masked men. The indigo man was nowhere in sight. They were then led out into the building into an open cylinder-like area that opened up to the sky. It was like a courtyard surrounded by a sponge frame. Onsa and Shivani stayed quiet as they were escorted to the middle of this area. Suddenly, more doors started to open around them, and a couple more purple people stalked out, looking around nervously. 

“It is time for judgement,” said a voice that was broadcasted across the courtyard. Onsa felt as though he was being watched. He peered at Shivani who was tugging at his shirt. 

“Onsa, what’s going on,” she whispered. And then it began. Out of the fifteen people there, four of them seemed to disconnect to the planet’s gravity, and started to float upwards.

“No, stop. Please, I swear I can do better,” yelled one of the men, tears in his eyes. The others that started floating seemed to have accepted their fate, simply waving goodbye to those they had come with. Onsa and Shivani were frozen in fear. However, neither one of them seemed to lose touch with gravity, like some of the others had. Once again, they both heard:

“Haruta Kaway,” a voice boomed around them. Then, the indigo man appeared out of one of the sponge doors. He kept saying the phrase, migrating from person to person, until finally reaching Onsa and Shivani. 

“Haruta Kaway, in your language, means: Creative Connection. Persipita is a place based on creativity. Only the souls that have this potential are allowed to stay. These people all came for this reason,” the indigo man said to them, “They came for a cleanse.” And with that, he disappeared to the next group of creatives, giving them congratulations with a smile. Onsa stared blankly at Shivani, as he tried to process what had happened. Before they could discuss the events, they were rushed out by the same masked figures, who later were introduced by the names of Steven and Lolita. Steven was a tattoo artist for the community, and Lolita had the ability to make her drawings come to life. They led them to a huge mushroom, which, on the inside, was carved out to make a little home. 

Inside, they had created a makeshift fan out of 10 foot long magenta banana leaves. Below it, there was a giant mushroom couch with mushroom pillows resting on it. The house walls were covered with a variety of whimsical glowing lilac mushrooms that lit up the mushroom home with a warm comforting purple light that made Onsa feel drowsy.

“You guys can rest here for now. Make yourselves at home,” Lolita said. Onsa and Shivani laid down on mushroom shaped beds with the bounciest cushions to rest their eyes. Instead of darkness, all they could see was shades of purple in their heads. Their minds started to spin and they opened their eyes to-


Location: NYC

Time had not moved since the minute they had ripped that bong. They were high up in the sky with ceiling to floor windows that revealed a beautiful lit up city skyline. Then, Onsa and Shivani exhaled the smoke, and opened their eyes. 

“Where the actual fuck are we?” Shivani exclaimed as she took in her new, yet familiar surroundings.  

They both jumped up as the indigo man shifted into their line of sight. Except this time, he wasn’t indigo. No, this was the man that had offered them a bong rip at that party. He was the bum guy wearing a flannel and a maniacal smile. Onsa’s mind raced as he reached out to his certain reality in the purple world. Was he crazy?

“How was your DMT trip?” the indigo man who was no longer indigo said with a grin. DMT? Onsa looked around to see the beautifully crafted bong in front of him. The bong he thought had contained a bowl of marijuana. Shivani looked around trying to piece together the new reality they had re-joined. Then, she started screaming.

August 04, 2022 — Shivani Chauhan

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