On April 15, 2022, New York University would experience its first graduation since the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. The venue would be Washington Square Park. Those walking across the stage would swap purple gowns for “regenerated vintage”. And the occasion’s most celebrated individual would not be a certain lovesick singer-songwriter, but Lucas Alexander Harris: the CEO, creative director, and modiste of Hyperspace.

Titled “ Graduation Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 22”, The 22-year-old describes both the collection and the event as the highlights of his fashion career. “It was kind of a big deal,” said Harris. “NYU is where I started my fashion journey. It was only right to wrap it up there, as well.”

Harris commenced his fashion career as a sophomore in high school, upcycling his own clothes in an effort to express his creativity in his small Virginian hometown. After teaching himself how to sew by watching YouTube videos, Harris made his first garment in 2017: a simple, yet chic leather fanny pack. “I started upcycling clothes because there aren't really any fabric stores in Virginia like there are in New York,” said Harris. “So I was just using anything that I could get my hands on,” from his own clothes, to hand me downs, to his parents’ old attire.

It was not until he visited his roommate in India that he solidified his plan to create Hyperspace, a brand “for outsiders.” When choosing the name, Harris drew inspiration from brands such as Saint Laurent Paris and Burberry London. He was drawn not only to the sophistication of these luxury labels, but the simplicity of their names. He eventually settled on Hyperspace, a name that encapsulates not only the brand’s otherworldly aesthetic and presence, but also its niche clientele.

While Harris may have transformed his love of regenerated vintage into a luxury brand, he remains true to his humble upcycling roots. “Even now, all of the clothes that I make are derived from a fabric that was once something else.” Look 21 in Harris’ most recent collection, for example, is entirely made of deconstructed and dyed American flags. In Looks 13, 18, and 19, Harris’ use of second-hand fur satisfies his brand’s commitment to using quality materials, while minimizing animal cruelty and supporting sustainability in the luxury fashion industry.

Harris’ favorite design, however, would have to be Look 11. The red jacket was made out of an umbrella that was left in the sun for almost a year, which allows for the beautiful sun faded look of the garment.

While being a young creative in the fashion industry is both exciting and rewarding, it does not come without its challenges. “In fashion particularly there is a romanticization of the young entrepreneur,” said Harris. “But sometimes the vision can be kind of premature.” To keep him grounded, Harris turns to his biggest inspirations: his parents. Entrepreneurs themselves, watching his parents build a business together was incredibly influential on his approach to Hyperspace.

Now an official NYU graduate, Harris’ goal is to turn Hyperspace into his full-time job. Even then, he hopes to continue wearing his many hats. “I really take a lot of pride in having every single piece sourced and sewn by me,” said Harris. “I really do it all.”

June 24, 2022 — Sasha Wayman

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